Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alex vs Stuart... Karingal Bulls vs Seaford Tigers

Tonight was a pretty special game of football. Although it was just a friendly game between Karingal Bulls and Seaford Tigers it was a wonderful moment for Alex. She played against her cousin for the first and possibly only time. The reason behind this is Stuart's in Under 10's and Alex is in the age group below, Under 9's.

The match took place at Kananook Football Ground, which is where the Frankston and District Junior Football League have the offices. The Franskton and District Junior Football League is the league in which both teams play in and have just erected new lights for the ground. Tonight's matches were in celebration of turning on the new lights "officially" for the first time.

Although it was a great night for not only our kids but that of both teams, some (including Alex) getting their photo's taken for local papers and for Frankston Council there was a sad element as while Stuart was there so was my sister. My sister chose to stay the other side of the playing field during the game and keep the boys from coming over to see us. Then she decided to hover around us during the speeches and presentations without even saying hello to mam. I don't care how she chooses to treat me, in fact I am at the point in my life that if we never speak again it now doesn't bother me. BUT to ignore mam was just outright rude, undeserved and to be honest bitchy! It probably didn't help matters that we were stood with Jamie and Kerry (who is Claire's partners ex wife) but normally Claire has more front than Myers and woudn't have let that stop her from proving she is better than everyone. Instead she maintained some distance. I know it hurt mam quite a bit although she is making it look like she has just shrugged it off.

After the match, we got home, changed the kids and then went out for a beautiful chinese meal at Quality Wok!!

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