Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Catching up... so much happening!!

As everyone knows it's never dull at the Murray household.... so without rambling on too much I will give you a quick catch up post.

On the 30th July Anthony, Rachel, Ellis and Ffion arrived from Oman.... there has definitely been excitement in the air about this as the last time I saw Anthony we were 18 years old and we were in Wales.... man soooo long ago. They arrive in Melbourne very late Thursday night so it wasn't until Friday afternoon they made their way to Frankston.

They stopped for dinner. We still had some seafood from my trip to Lakes Entrance so we started with a seafood platter followed by beef curry and rice.

Rachel peeled her first prawn!!

The kids all got along famously - it was like they have known each other all their lives!!!! In fact we all had a great evening the first night!!!

Saturday night, Clare's birthday, we celebrated again in honour of her birthday of course!! Anthony, Rachel, Ellis and Ffion along with Jamie and the boys came for a Turkey dinner. Being July I guess we could have had a "Christmas in July" theme but once again in was brilliant to have the house full of family.

Sunday saw the final round of the 2010 junior football season.... both kids played well but sadly Oliver's team lost and therefore are not in the finals this year. But football is far from over with the four next Sunday's consumed by the Finals which Karingal is hosting again this year.

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