Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ollie's 50th football match

A very proud moment for his mam and dad.... thankfully I am holding the left side of the banner and hidden behind another person as I definitely had a tear in my eye....

It was a beautiful day and thankfully there was hardly any wind... I had prayed that it wasn't going to rain or be gusty. The banner didn't actually have that much tape on the crepe paper so I was quite concerned about it being blown away before Oliver got a chance to run through it.

In fact I spent most of last week worrying about how to make a banner to celebrate his milestone game... and Saturday morning I was asking anyone and everyone for advice but overall by the time I had all the equipment and materials sorted Noel and I knocked it over in around an hour.

Thankfully we could use the club room floors as the seniors had a bye and weren't using the rooms. It made the job a lot easier.

Nearly finished - just sticking the lettering down.

VOILA - a banner complete... Not bad for a first go!

Half time huddle... and the boys were up. Heading for their 3rd win of the season. Final score was Karingal 9.7 - 61 vs Frankston Dolphins 4.0 - 24!!

A proud Bulls team having a chat after their winning performance where my champion kicked a goal in the 3rd quarter... go OLLIE!!

Pretty proud of himself after the match.... Wesley looking up to his big cousin!

What a great day we all had!!

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Clare Murray said...

Auntie Clare still so proud :-)


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