Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A lifestyle change for us all...

A bad result at Weight Watchers last night and a few other issues that I have been dwelling on saw me issuing orders in our house last night to the tune of "We are ALL going to change our lifestyles!! No choice - it's just happening!!"

As you know we (I) menu plan weekly in order to know what we are having for dinner but it got me to thinking that planning the other meals is important as well. The kids normally have a set lunch each day - a sandwich, 2 pieces of fruit, cheese sticks or cheese and crackers, a fruit juice and a treat. But as for Noel and myself it's hit and miss, sometimes a frozen meal, sometimes I make the effort to make us lunch otherwise it's the local takeaway gets our business and that can mean anything for lunch. Breakfasts are pretty much in the same category unfortunately. The kids are organised but we are not.

So #1 change as of this morning was everyone had/took prepared foods to get us through until we get home tonight and have dinner. This is now going to happen EVERYDAY!

Treats will also be carefully examined probably must to the children's disgust but if I want to help all of us then so be it. I wil not outlaw the "nice" foods but I do honestly think they need to be better controlled.

The house is ALWAYS a mess!! I swear to God when we go to work the messy fairies come in and do what they will as there is no way with 2 at work and 2 at school that the house should be as it is. Don't get me wrong - we don't live in a tip or anything that drastic!! It's just not neat and I seem to spend most of my time especially on the weekend cleaning up and picking up things that obviously no-one else sees.

Thankfully Noel is brilliant when it comes to doing the clothes washing, cooking and helping with the kids, which is such a help and I am truly thankful that he is a hands-on dad/husband. Infact I am quite spoiled to have him in my life.

The kids are okay when prompted and I mean PROMPTED. Constant reminders, sometimes resorting to yelling and things do get done. BUT once again it's the little things even the daily repedative things that are neglected. Saying this though they still expect their pocket money each week and everything else that they ask for or decided they want. Go figure??

So # 2 change is that there will now be rosters implemented and to "earn" their pocket money and to save my sanity the listed chores/tasks we need to be done. I don't think that is that unfair? In fact they should be grateful that they will get rewarded for helping out around the house - I know some kids don't get paid, it's just expected by their family circumstance that things get done. I have even given myself a roster but of course won't officially pay myself!! LOL!!

The final thing that has been bothering me lately is that we are "too busy" or "too tired" to bond as a family. I understand that with work, school and other activities there really isn't a great deal of time. But I have at time fobbed the kids off and even Noel because I am too busy or too tired only to look back and realise that I have been selfish and we could have done something together. Time isn't going to stand still and we will never get the opportunity to do certain things again once the time has passed. Thinking about what I have already missed out on, makes me sad and I don't want to miss anything else.

So # 3 change is to implement quality family time together even if it is to read a book or play cards. As of today we will sit at the table as a family to eat dinner, a fond memory I have from growing up was always sitting at the table and talking about each others days and we do actually do it just not all the time. Instead of everyone doing different things we are going to make the effort to at least do something together each week just the four of us - even if it's for 30 minutes.

Watch this space... the Murray family are making some positive changes.

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