Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Job Lists

As dramatic as it sounds these have become evident that they are needed to ensure things run a little smoother around the house. I mentioned job lists yesterday in my rant and implemented them last night.

(daily jobs list 1)

(daily jobs list 2)

The two children have the same 2 job lists, both differ with little tasks and they will alternate each week. For example Oliver is following week 1 and Alex is following week 2 this week. The idea of this is so one doesn't feel hard done by compared to the other, which I am sure you can all understand the reasoning behind that idea!! LOL God forbid we over work one of them!!

This is not the first time - both of them have had chore lists or rosters in the past especially as we have always been a family where both parents work full time and the kids used to be in before/after school care. As they are getting older now and have been given more responsibility when it comes to ensuring they get to and from school each day it has given us the opportunity to get them to do a few more things around the house to help out. We do not expect perfection and ticks in all the boxes, but saying that we do expect ticks in some of the boxes ~ LOL!!!

Reality of this is that we all, as a family, need to be time efficient and all hands on board otherwise things just will not get done or Noel and I will end up doing everything while two children sit on their bottoms watching TV!! Needless to say while they are enjoying themselves we are not having much quality time with each other as a family.

The goal here is to increase quality family time... not continual cleaning time for mam and dad. I am sure you can see what we are trying to achieve, I hope?

Will it work???? I hope so....

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Farmers Wifey said...

Ummm I want these!!!!

Trish said...

Hey Jo

You can only try0 fingers crossed for you



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