Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things.....

I know I have been slack this last few weeks and have only been posting on a weekly basis but I have blown that out of the water now by having nearly a week and a half break between socialising within these blog walls.

So now it's a case of where to start.....

The reason for my slackness is the flu - NOT the swine flu. Just the flu. Infact I didn't work Monday and Tuesday only to return today. Feeling very run down but I must soldier on!

We have just about put the final little bits of our rearrangement into their new homes... the loungeroom got another reshuffle and it looks a lot better than the first arrangement. It's all starting to feel homely now which is good - one less thing off my ever procrastinating mind!!

On Thursday I received a shipment of a pallet, yes a pallet, of boxes containing chocolates. Cadbury's Freddo's, Camamello Koalas, Cherry Ripes, Crunchies, Boost and Time Out... a total of 256 boxes! Thankfully we don't eat that much chocolate at our place but geez I have chocolates everywhere. Please be aware these are NOT for us - these are for the football club fundraiser - we make really good profit out of them. The catch is that they need to be sorted into boxes of 8 flavours before distributing for sale. Last night Nazz and Jane (two lovely parents of club players) came over to help especially as I have been sick and are coming back tonight.

Friday night, Alex had a birthday party to go to. It was Shiryln's party and Alex actually went straight from school to Shirlyn's house so she had an extra long play. She was really happy about that. Oliver was picked up from school by Nana and Grandad and taken up to their house for a sleepover and when we picked Alex up from the party we took her up there aswell. They had a ball especially as Nana and Grandad have a Wii..... guess what they did all day???

Over the weekend, we picked up the fish tank that was on layby and Sunday went down as a family to choose a few fish each... the kids were really excited and chose there own 2 fish which of course are now sporting interesting names. We have 10 fish in total, one black moore, one pearlscale, one oriana, one bronze moore, two danio's and four white clouds. At the moment, it's a novelty with the kids, racing to feed them etc., standing next to the tank just watching but it will be interesting how they will go with the first clean and to whether or not mam will have to do that.

Another pleasing thing for us is the Under 11's won again... and they blitzed!! I believe the final score was 118 to 8 but after a team having a 70 point lead they do not continue to score.. but we did! LOL!! Nana and Grandad came down to watch also. Needless to say Dean was happy, Noel was happy, the team was happy and we have had our 2nd win for the season...

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Clare Murray said...

Hey sis

Good to see you on Blog again. I check it all the time to find out what's going on. I am glad things are going well but not glad about your flu. I have been trying to shake a cold for about a must be the weather. It's Grahames birthday today so I am cooking him Lamb Shanks. I also got a response from a publisher about a book I wrote so I am getting one of my friends to give me an electronic version of it. Not sure it will go anywhere but the interest is enough to keep me happy. Have a great long weekend. I finally talked mum and dad into stopping by sydney next weekend so that should be interesting.

Luv Sis


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