Thursday, June 18, 2009

The week is almost over....

Well once again this week is flying past and I don't seem to be getting anything accomplished! I am sure others have had similar days but what is with it lasting a whole week? ggrrr...

The week started off on a sad note after hearing the news that Fred, a co-worker of mine, lost his beloved wife, Wendy last week. She died on Thursday after a 6 month battle with cancer. A very sad time as both Fred and Wendy were so positive that she would beat this and continued to think towards the future and their retirement. It was only two weeks ago that Fred underwent his second hip operation and is now in recovery. Needless to say, I plus a few others from work, attended Wendy's funeral on Tuesday morning. If there is any way of describing a funeral service I would have to say that it was nice and very fitting for the lady that Wendy was.

Mam and Dad have left to go on their holiday up north, stopping in to see Clare in Sydney. It was great to recieve a few photo via text yesterday from Clare. I am glad that they have finally got away as their trip has already been delayed by the dreaded Melbourne cold!! No not the flu!!

The only disadvantage of them going away is we get the bird!! This bird, a cockatiel named Elly, is awful - she hisses, bites and is just noisy!! The kids are even over the bird!! Oh well, babysitting Elly is the least we can do considering Mam and Dad do a hell of a lot for us!!

As the week is passing quickly, we are facing another weekend... a weekend where Alex is off for a sleep over on Friday night, not sure what we will do with Oliver, Saturday sees the kids at their first rehearsal with the Boite Choir in Tyabb followed by another day of football on Sunday... before I know it it will be Monday again!!

Sunday both kids played great football and their reward was to get their hair tipped.... so this is the outcome!!

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