Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Noel....

Today a very special man in our house is celebrating his 40th birthday!!

Happy Birthday Noel.... The birthday boy has already received some of his birthday presents... he was given a slow cooker by Mam, a Slow Cooker cookbook from the kids and I and also a bread slicing guide, which will be very useful with our bread that we bake and always manage to cut the loaf on silly angles.

Today was a busy day, getting ready for his 40th birthday party tomorrow night. After dropping the kids off at school we went over to Springvale to get some groceries and supplies for the party then spent the rest of the day cooking, cleaning etc ready for the big bash!

Birthday dinner was at Quality Wok where as usual we had a nice quiet dinner - we haven't been there for awhile and we all love the food there especially my mam who could not believe that she was going out to dinner in her slippers!! LOL!! As you can imagine it is a very casual place, so casual that the owners at time sit down at our table and chat.

Oliver and his dad checking out the weekend football in the newspaper in the restaurant!!
Mam and Noel

Mam and I serveral wines later... must admit I think we were both very tired also!!

Had to take a photo as evidence that it's okay for Mam to go out in public in slippers!!

On a serious note, Quality Wok is a wonderful place to eat... if your are in the Frankston area please call in, see Grace and Gordon and have a meal whether eat in or takeaway. We are sure that you will enjoy what ever you order. It's not the poshest restaurant in the world (no fancy tables etc) but the atmosphere is fantastic, the owners are really beautiful people and it is always busy. Trust us... it's the only Chinese restaurant we actually go to now!!

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Ingela said...

Nice to see you all having fun!

Say hello to Mam from me.


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