Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not a happy camper......

Yep that's right - Jo is not a happy camper at the moment!! :(

What's the problem you ask...... my camera has broken!! Just won't work!! OMG it's like I have lost a piece of me!! What is one to do now??????

Okay, after I had my little sook about my poor piece of digital technology dying, had a bit of a panic about the future without it and then pulled myself together I started to actually put a plan together as to what I was going to do!!
  • Start looking for a new improved camera (obviously)!!
  • I have dropped hints that it could be my mother's day present!! Bad me....
  • Might tell Noel that it's half his birthday present (which is only next week anyway)
  • Camp next to letterbox waiting for cheque from government stimulas package!! LOL!!
  • Use my fandangle mobile as a camera for now (considering it's a new nokia it actually takes quite good pictures!)
Well it's Thursday already and this week has just flown by. Must have something to do with not working Monday due to the Public Holiday for Easter Monday. Actually I cannot believe its nearly another weekend. And a weekend that is overbooked totally already!!

Saturday afternoon we have a date in the park (2pm) with my sister and our nephews. I will be great to see the kids playing together as that's a rare event in itself. I am not sure how things will go with Claire and I - this in itself is bothering me a little, well actually quite a lot. Surprisingly it was her idea to get together this weekend so that caught me off guard when you consider the last few years of minimal contact. But doing the right thing I decided to make the effort so only time will tell. It will not be a good thing if she isn't honest or if she brings "him" with her..... "him" being her new man that nothing is going on with! ggggrrrrr!!! (Long story for another day but I am sure you get where I am coming from!)

Sunday brings our first week of the junior football season. Oliver played a couple of weeks ago but that was a practice match with Cranbourne Junior Football Club and that went really well. With Alex's wrist broken we don't have to up the club at the sparrow's fart (her matches will start at 9am when she gets back to playing - so that's 8.30am up the club) whereas Oliver's matches don't start until 11.40am. Then of course there is presentations up the clubrooms from 5pm... there goes our Sundays for the next 16 weeks!!

On a really good note, I have managed to change Mam's flights so she is now going home on Monday the 11th May and staying for Mother's Day on the Sunday... woohoo!! It has been quite a long time since we have spent a Mother's Day together so I am really looking forward to that!

And then on Monday it's back to school and my beloved routine!!!!!!! Yay!!!!


Trish said...

Hey Jo

Glad things are improving with your sister.


Ingela said...


Nice reading again and I loved the beach pictures. Our eastermorning also started with egghunting. Someone had layed an egg under the girls pillows, full of candy.



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