Monday, April 20, 2009

I am no longer sooking......but we are all very tired!!

Okay so I am no longer sooking as I now have a lovely NEW camera!! We bought a Samsung ES15 on Saturday - it's not top of the range but pretty damn good considering what we paid (it was on special) and it's 10.2 mega pixels!! So I am back to being a happy camper and can start uploading more photo's for the world to see. My nokia mobile's camera was okay but not really great when it came to taking good pictures for my blogs!!

As you can see we even had a choice of colours - Noel didn't really fancy the pink one so we bought the black one!! I dont' understand why?

Wow what a weekend that was.... and over so fast (as usual)!!

Saturday I worked in the morning as usual, then as I mentioned the other day we were meant to catch up with my sister and her kids but it just didn't happen. She ended up having to go to the doctors and by the time she was finished and the fact that we had plans for dinner Saturday night there wasn't enough time to catch up - which was actually a shame. I was kind of hoping that we could meet up, maybe sort somethings out especially with Mam arriving this Wednesday.

Sunday was and is the first of many to come where we spend most of the day at a football club. It was round 1 of the juniors yesterday. Oliver played his first game of the season and he played a really good game. Both Noel and I were really proud of him!! It was a shame that the game was stopped with around 3 minutes to go but a boy on the opposing team fell awkwardly and broke his wrist in the same position as Alex did in March. ooouuuucccchhhhh!!!! The game was stopped as we didn't move the child of the ground and an ambulance was called. The Bulls were winning for most of the game but in the last quarter the opponents made a few quick scores, a goal and a few points, to lead by 3 points.

As Oliver is now in the Under 11's, this year the teams actually keep score so this is his first scoreboard result. The under 9's and 10's don't officially keep score as part of our League. As I mentioned he played a really good game and I watched the whole thing from the scoreboard as I was keeping score with another team mates dad. At presentations, in the clubroom last night, he recieved a Wendy's award for his great game. Dean his coach was happy that he did what he was told, kept with the ball and played a good game! Woohoo Ollie!!

Although I got out to watch Oliver's game I spent most of the morning in the canteen, once again helping out as we have a new canteen manager and it would be unfair to leave her to fend for herself. Beth is actually going to make a real go at it. She is very enthusiastic and willing! I really want to help her make it a success not only for the club but for her too. And for me, as I want to get out of the canteen (even though I love it) as I need to spend Sundays with my family.

School holidays are now over and the kids are back at school. It was really good to get up this morning and get back into our routine, even the kids got up and did what they are used to doing... but we are all still feeling the effects of the big weekend (the first week back at football is always huge) and I think we will all be in bed early tonight.....

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