Monday, August 20, 2007

A busy yet productive weekend.

This weekend was the first weekend without an 8.20am start Sunday morning due to U9's football - we did however have Auskick at 9am but that extra few minutes in bed were great.
As usual Saturday morning I worked, leaving Noel to battle our two monsters at home whilst cleaning etc. Then it was the usual trip shopping Saturday afternoon. Noel and I cleaned out the bbq area and had our first bbq in our new place. Yummo T Bones and I cannot beleive the kids ate a full one each!! We then all had a spa which was great as a family.
Sunday as mentioned was Auskick followed by another visit to the hospital to see our newest family member for more photos. Vicky was up and around which was great to see and we chatted and had a big hug. I told her it had been too long and she agreed. Once again though not holding my breath but praying that things will change. We spoke to Mam M and to Clare and they were thrilled with the photo's I took on my phone as was my Mam.
Back to normal today.......

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