Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby Christian.

Welcome into the world baby Christian.

Our first nephew on Noel’s side and I must admit he is absolutely adorable. He was born 11.09am yesterday the 17th August.

We all went to visit the happy family last night. I always find it wonderful to hold someone so new to this world. I find myself wishing that that find peace, happiness and safety as they grown through life’s journey – a journey that none of us know where it will lead or when it will end.

Alex and Oliver were totally mesmorized by Christian and both were very upset to leave the hospital. Noel and I will think about taking them back on Sunday for another visit if that’s alright with the new parents.

Seeing Vicky, hours after childbirth, and holding baby Christian made me stand back and appreciate life. Life is too short to spend all of our time focussed on arguing. I am hoping that Christian’s arrival will bring the family back together and I know that is something that Sean wants also. Vicky told us that she really appreciated us visiting her. I honestly hope she did. I am crossing fingers that this is a new era for the Murray family!!

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