Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are back online!!!

The computer became slower and slower, getting on-line was a major issue so the computer ended up in the hands of the computer fix-it man!! Apparently something had corrupted our Windows system causing some programs to run normally and others to be painful! But all is good now…. We are once again happy in the House of Murray – well at least with the computer anyway!

So in our absence – quite a lot has happened… too much to type as this post would be huge.

But in a nutshell….

· Grandma had her 60th birthday – big shout out to her!! Well done. It was a shame that I couldn’t get up there but with faced with the chance of Noel’s losing his job and the cost etc it was a really hard decision to make but Mam was alright with it. Well at least she keeps saying so. I still feeling like a really bad daughter though.
· We survived school holidays with the kids spending most of the two weeks with their Nana and Grandad – who, as always, spoil them rotten.
· I have been out and about training in the country quarries even to Mildura last week and I am off to Hobart this week (only for two days/one night).
· Noel’s overtime has started again due to the fact that the company retrenched 31 people the week before. Now Noel is doing 11 hr days – go figure ?!?!?
· Baby Christian is doing really well – as are Sean and Vicky. They seem to be getting the hang of the “baby” thing now.
· I became “Treasurer” of the Karingal Bulls Junior Football Club
· Sharon became “Co-ordinator” of the Karingal Auskick
· The kids had their school chocolate fundraiser last term and sold $ 480 worth of chocolates (much to the help of the truck drivers at my work!!) but an amazing effort for my two angels!!
· Currently I am in the middle of completing an upgrade to my Certificate IV in Trainer and Assessor… intense classroom work in the Melbourne (bang smack in the middle of the city), which I will finish in January 2008 and I even have to complete and assessment task.

So just let’s say that life has been good, still full of surprises and we are enjoying ourselves as best we can…

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