Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nana's birthday.....

We all celebrated Nana's 68th birthday tonight even though her actual birthday is on Monday.  We went to the Seaford Hotel for dinner, which I will have to say that the meals were very average with one meal, a lamb souvlaki even turning up without the lamb!

As usual great to catch up with Mam and Dad.  It seems so long between time spent together.  They come to watch their grandchildren play football but with our commitments it's very hard to spend time with them.

Wonderful to see Sean, Vicky and the boys again.  Sadly we don't see them enough either.

Thankfully we surprised Mam with a decadent birthday cake I cannot take credit for.  It was an "Original Sin" from the Cheesecake Shop but it brought smiles to Mam's face.

Most of the Murray clan........

4 of her precious grandchildren......

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