Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work Travel again

I am spending this week travelling with work..... travelling from Kilmore to Axedale, middle to West Victoria.  This trip involves me conducting pre-audit meetings with Managers and then assisting them when Karen, an external auditor from Lloyds, actually audits them against WorkSafe Victoria criteria.  So these audits are focussing on our Safety committments within Hanson.  14 in all - this week will see number 9 and 10 completed.

I never thought that I would like auditing as I have not had much exposure to it and had already formed a negative opinion.  BUT I love it.... it's a fantastic way for me to learn more about all parts of our business and for those that know me - know that I love to ask questions.

It was a beautiful day in Axedale today.... the sun shone lifting the ice from the ground.  The audit went well with no issues recorded.

We went for a walk around - of course I cannot resist photos.
Making big rocks into little rocks.....

The crushing plant.....

This is one of our little Tonka's....... a baby 50 tonne Dump Truck who is in the workshop as it has blown a turbo..... waiting to be fixed.

Have I ever told you guys that I love my job?? Well I DO!!!

Due to the early finish we (Karen and I) decided to travel back to Kilmore and stay the night guaranteeing us a little sleep in and no long drive to site in the morning.

Destination: Kilmore Motel

It's an older style motel but it's clean and has a comfy bed plus Vivienne always makes you feel welcome :)

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