Thursday, September 29, 2011

A week apart....

This week has been very strange for all of us and I have to say I have been really feeling the difference.

Last Thursday we put the kids on a plane bound for Bribie Island to spend the school holidays with their grandma, lucky right?

Noel and I enjoyed the weekend together but found it hard dealing with the quietness and the fact that the kids were not there.

Monday morning I packed my bags and headed away with work for the week and I will be returning home tomorrow.  Staying away is hard at the best of times but this week it has been quite a strain knowing that we are all so far apart from each other.

Noel has been batching it at home all by himself!  Has he enjoyed the peace and serenity??  I have no idea.

Thankfully I will be home on Friday night but it's still another week before the kids come home :(

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