Monday, September 13, 2010

Too busy to stop and think....

Yes we certainly have been too busy to stop and think let alone spend time doing my favourite thing... blogging!!

Where do I start to catch up...

We held the finals at the Junior Football Club again this year so that was an extra 4 weeks added to the season not to mention another 4 weeks on long days and hard work. We did well as a club raising over $23000 for the club to put towards the Building fund of our new clubrooms. After the day of Round 2 when all was finished and winding up for the day, Alex fell over in the change rooms only to fracture her left arm and required another trip to the hospital. Thankfully only a greenstick fracture but that was enough to qualify her for having 3 plasters in 3 years now with hurting both wrists and a foot!

Anthony and Rachel returned from their trip to New South Wales and Brisbane to spend only the one night with us, which we all thoroughly enjoyed by relaxing and having dinner at the Seaford Hotel. The hotel serves a good meal but has a great play room area for the kids.

They have returned to Oman, all vowing to keep in touch especially Alex and Ffion who are going to write to each other. Cross fingers to see what the outcome of Anthony's employment renogiation meeting brings in December.

Once again I have been with work, travelling all around country Victoria. I am starting to get over the novelty of travelling especially in the bad weather. Mind you my last trip to Brisbane, just last week, was different with 5 days of training on a new computer transaction that will help the country concrete plants and quarries utilise SAP more.

Sadly I didn't get a chance to go up to Bribie to visit my mam as it was a team building exercise set by the company. Having breakfast through to dinner with everyone attending to form a group of Super Users who knew each other. And I must say we certainly did get to know each other!!

Sunday saw the last official function for the football club this year. The Annual General Meeting and the Presentations. I was re-elected as Treasurer for the 4th year now, which I am happy about as it's something that I do enjoy doing!

We also found out some very special news this week, Clare and Grahame are going to be parents!! Congratulations to them and I hope they enjoy every moment of what's to come! Yay I am going to be an aunty again and of course Alex is praying for a girl to end the boy monopoly in our family!! No matter girl or boy as long as he/she is healthy that's all that matters!!

So for now (well this week anyways) it is back to normal and getting the house sorted etc as Dennis and Pam will be visiting with us and it will be Christmas before we know it!!!

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