Monday, September 27, 2010

Anniversaries, Dinosaurs, Cars, Seafood and the Beach...

What a HUGE weekend we have just had....... and I must say it's the best one we have had for a long time..... just the four of us.

Saturday was our 17th Wedding Anniversary and while we said we weren't going to make a huge fuss about the day we ended up doing just that. It all started on Thursday night when Noel took me out for dinner at Gingseng Modern Asian Restaurant in Frankston, which was really nice. The kids were staying the night up at Nana and Grandad's so it was just the two of us.

Saturday was our actual wedding anniversary so we exchanged our gifts in the relaxed bedroom atmosphere.....

Noel was given a socket set and a screwdriver set (real romantic but that's what he wanted) and I was truly spoiled... I cried!! A new handbag, a french cookbook, a foodies guide to Melbourne, a bottle of Versace Woman and a brilliant anniversary card which was musical and sang "you're my best friend"!!!

God I love my man and my new handbag!!!

We spent the rest of Saturday morning shopping at Springvale, buying seafood for our celebration dinner - a seafood platter.

On the way from Springvale to Moorabbin we came across a dinosaur - a Triceratops in fact. Thankfully he was the friendly type. (Actually it was just an ornament in a nursery!!)

Then we went to the USA Food Shop in Moorabbin - this would have to be the kids favourite shop due to all the imported lollies etc from the States.

Before heading home we stopped at Shannon's. A place full of expensive boys toys... cars!!! Collector's cars. Shannon's is a company that insures vehicles but it also is somewhat of a showroom housing collectors cars as well as auctioning them.

Obviously the boys were in their elements.

Saturday afternoon was also the Grand Final ... St Kilda vs Collingwood. We sat down and watched the game only for it to be a draw. No extra time is given in AFL Football so this means that there is a second Grand Final next Saturday... I actually thought "FINAL" meant "LAST OR END" but obviously it doesn't!!

Although disappointed by the outcome of the final we still celebrated our wedding anniversary with our seafood platter..... yum!!!

Sunday was another family day and the weather was gorgeous. The kids cleaned the rabbit hutch which then turned into a water fight... guns blazing.

After another round of seafood for lunch we headed out for a nice walk along the Frankston foreshore walking from the pier to Oliver's Hill and back again.

Dinner was at Kelly's at Cranbourne and really topped off the weekend..... back to work today!

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