Monday, August 09, 2010

Another weekly round up.....

We are still running around like busy bees.... OMG it just doesn't stop but it is BRILLIANT!!! I love being surrounded by family and friends and keeping busy!!

So as you have noticed my poor blogs have been left on the sidelines and are only getting enough attention to write quick weekly round ups!! Sorry!!

This week saw us all going out for dinner on Wednesday night to The Seaford Hotel... what a fantastic evening we all had. Noel and Jamie get along really well with Anthony.

The kids chatted away, had their dinner and then played in the playground!

Anthony enjoyed his rib eye steak... and yes after the photo he used his knife and fork!

Angus thought this was quite funny!

A nice photo of all the kids together....

And then the silly face one!!

Friday, Anthony and Rachel and the kids came over for dinner.... a nice quiet evening that saw Anthony, Noel and myself going to be around the 4ish mark Saturday morning.

Noel picked them up from the hotel so both Rachel and Anthony could have a drink and relax. We had arranged for both Ellis and Ffion to stay the night but the four ended up kipping at our house.

Rachel had complained on Wednesday night about Anthony's snoring (definitely must be a Lewis trait as Mam snores and I admit, so do I!!). Noel brought Rachel home a present such a generous fellow I married.... she was a little worried at first but it made her scream with laughter.....

Mind you they are meant to be ear plugs???

Dinner went down a treat.....

Cooking outside on the weber and as you can see a few more laughs.

But not as much as the chocoloate fondues did for dessert!!

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