Friday, April 30, 2010

Rhian and James

Rhian and James arrived last night and I must say it was BRILLIANT just to see them again.

They haven't changed a bit!! They are exactly as we remembered them. The kids as usual went all coy and shy at first but then within minutes had the outside meeting the rabbits and guinea pigs and chatting to them madly about schools, footy infact chatting about anything and everything.

A simple dinner of chicken curry and rice last night which went down a treat although late due to my constant need to keep talking to them myself!! Multitasking wasn't an option as I was engrossed in the fact that some of my family were with me and I was enjoying myself. Oliver ended up finishing off cooking the roti bread!! I think by that stage he was hungry too!!

After asking them both if there was something they wanted to do tonight - to which there wasn't, I asked if they fancied a lamb roast and Rhian's face lit up with a quick "That would be lovely!!" I knew that they would both be wanted a lovely home cooked meal after being on the road, travelling now for 4 weeks.

So on the menu tonight is lamb roast with all the trimmings and no doubt lots more conversation, catching up and reminising. It was great also as Jamie managed to come over and catch up with them. I know he was happy to catch up but it was a shame that he didn't have the boys this weekend.

Sadly they leave early tomorrow morning to fly to New Zealand. I would have loved for them to stay longer but it is good that they chose to share some of their special travel time with us... and as you can probably tell we all enjoyed it.

Thanks Rhian and James for spending some precious time with us..... no tears in the morning!!

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