Friday, April 30, 2010

New pets...

On Monday whilst at the pet shop purchasing some new plants for the fish tank the cutest guinea pig was spotted whilst walking past the enclosure. A tiny little thing it was, white with different brown coloured patches and only 6 weeks old.

That guinea pig, now named Patch, was purchased within minutes of the kids putting on the adorable "can I please have" eyes in the direction of their father!! Unfortunately there wasn't another female rabbit at that pet shop to even up the numbers.

So we left Passion for Pets armed with one guinea pig, 4 snails (for the fish tank) and 2 plants. And that's when all the driving around Melbourne started....

The next pet shop had a gorgeous fawn coloured rabbit, also six weeks old, a dwarf lop and Alex was in love. This rabbit also came with a nice price tag of $70 - yep you read correctly $70. Convinced we could find another cute rabbit that wasn't as expensive we then went to another 2 pet shops, only to be disappointed by the types and sex of the rabbits they had on offer.

Needless to say we returned to the little fawn coloured rabbit several hours later and her name is Muffin!

After our expensive adventure to buy plants for the fish tank we now have two happy children and two more additions to our family!!

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