Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We are having a date tonight!!

Wow it's a weeknight but Noel and I are going out... just the two of us! So I guess you could say we are having a date!

Yesterday Noel won tickets on Vega (a radio station) for the "Back to East Timor" Concert with Dicko, Dave and Chrissy.... I couldn't believe it!! I had actually been trying for 2 weeks and he makes one phone call and gets through!! It doesn't really matter how we got the tickets, we got them and we are going!

The line up is fantastic - Ian Moss, Jeff Green, Mark Spano to name a few and it's somewhat local for us too being held at the Chelsea RSL!! It's all just too exciting!

Actually saying that I don't know who is more excited... us or the kids. Kimbalee, a friend's daughter, is babysitting and the kids really like her. It's the first time babysitting for us so the kids have been read the riot act about behaving etc but I know that they will be good little angels for her.

Will give you the full report tomorrow.

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