Saturday, August 01, 2009

Special ladies.....

The end of July marks the birthday of two special ladies in our lives.....

The 29th is Vicky's birthday. We didn't get to see her on her birthday this year as it was a Wednesday and Sean has been working away this week. We did however ring, the kids sang Happy Birthday and we all chatted. During the phone conversation she explained how she was disappointed that we couldn't get together as we are busy and that we don't get to see enough of each other. Little did she know that today we planned, with Sean's help, to meet her for a surprise lunch along with her brother George and his girlfriend Rose at the Chelsea Heights Hotel.

It was a great lunch and after all that has passed between us, it is a good feeling to know that the future is positive and the relationships we all have with her are growing.

The second special person in our lives is Clare. Noel's sister and my very close friend, infact I have to say my sister too!! Her birthday is on the 31st (yesterday) and we all called in the evening to sing Happy Birthday and to give her our best wishes and love. She received our gift of cookbooks and love the kids cards...... her hug from me will have to wait until Mid August when she is planning to come down and we get to meet her boyfriend, Grahame!!

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