Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vega "Back to East Timor" Concert

Unbelievable is probably the best way to describe last nights "date" courtesy of Vega and Noel making that phone call to win tickets.

The night started out with pure excitement on my behalf... I can't remember when Noel and I went out on a date like this the last time, normally if we go out it's to a restaurant or we have the kids so this in itself was a novelty.'

After meeting Dicko, Dave and Chrissy from Vega 91.5 FM and of course having our photo's taken with them the concert started.

Firstly Dave did a stand up routine, which as usual was funny and he was followed by Mark Spano (who I must say our babysitter is in LOVE with!!). I have to confess at not knowing a great deal about this Australian Idol contestant but damn did he have a good voice. I really enjoyed him, infact he silenced the crowd with his fantastic voice and I have to say it was spine tingling.

Jeff Green was next to take the stage.... oh and did we both laugh. I had tears running down my face and I nearly wet my pants - yes he is that funny!!

Then it was time for the ultimate highlight of the evening - Ian Moss. BLOODY FANTASTIC!! The gig was very acoustic and very blues tainted which I enjoyed. He did a few of the Cold Chisel songs which sounded better than I remembered. I took that many photo's. After he did his playlist of 5 songs and left the stage, he returned to do a very vocally requested encore in which he and his band performed another 5 songs.

I can only imagine the price tag that would be put on the event we saw if you had to pay for the tickets. It was definitely an evening I will not forget.

First thing this morning I sent a "thank you" email to Vega - which they read out over the radio just to express my gratitude for offering such a wonderful experience to lucky people just like Noel and I. This is my email.....

"Good morning Dicko, Dave and Chrissy,

This email is just a HUGE THANK-YOU for last night.

What a bloody fantastic evening - I am still buzzing this morning! The relaxed atmosphere especially with all of you mingling with the crowd chatting, having photo's and signing autographs, Jeff Green's performance which literally left me with tears running down my face not to mention crossing my legs (!!), the crowd silencing and spine tingling performance of Mark Spano and of course, the captivating performance and extended encore by Ian Moss totally blew us away. I know the other people on our table were as impressed as we were.

The "Back to East Timor" concert was brilliant and more than what either my husband and I could have imagined. You definitely did all those that attended the Chelsea RSL proud and one can only imagine the impact that all of you had on our troops serving abroad.

WELL DONE DICKO and of course everyone at Vega."

All I can say now is .... "Noel what's happening on the next date??"

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