Monday, October 22, 2007

Always busy.....

You’ve got to love a busy weekend? Sounds strange I know – but I love having a busy weekend especially when the family is involved (although it does go too fast!)

Noel and I both worked on Saturday so the kids went and stayed at Nana and Grandad’s house on Friday night with me meeting them at Tom’s birthday party on Saturday. Oliver went to the party but it was definately an all boys affair so Alex and I went shopping to keep her occupied.. mind you after the party was over I still had to do the grocery shopping must to the dismay of the children!!

Saturday night was just us – having a bbq which the kids help prepare. It was good to spend some quiet time with them plus I know that they both love cooking and helping out in the kitchen.

Sunday – a little sleep-in was had – but it was up and getting ready for a busy day. We were off to the Langwarrin Communtiy Festival with Nana and Grandad. Just as we were parking our car Noel recieved a phone call from Sean to say he was on his way – geez it made for a wonderful afternoon. Cruden Farm is a beautiful place and it was fantastic to spend the afternoon with our family. Christian is just a gorgeous baby, Oliver and Alex absolutely adore him and I enjoyed my cuddle and having the chance to feed him. The Festival was very busy and the weather was perfect. Will definately be going again next year.

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