Saturday, May 18, 2013

Karingal Bulls Senior Football Club Ball

Tonight I went off to the Karingal Bulls Senior Football Club Ball without Noel as it's not really his thing..... so I went with another member from the Junior Executive Committee, Kevin, the president.

Yes I dressed up for the event... although a little worried about wearing a dress when everyone normally sees me in club colours and tracksuit pants.
Obviously taken prior to hair and make up...... but eveyone else was going out so I needed a quite photo to prove I can wear a dress.
It was a good night at the Frankston RSL -  nice to be around friends, good food (although only fingerfood) and have a night out especially as dancing was involved.   The DJ had a few ladies upset with his choice of music albeit some very daggy but we all survived in the end. 
Many went out afterwards, but even with the encouragement I went home knowing that this Junior's mam would have a huge day Sunday.........

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