Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me xx

Yes today is my birthday... and without telling you how old I turned all I said to my work collegues is that "I am 18 with 24 years experience"!!  LOL funny I know but a woman never openly admits her age.

I did have to work with it being the start of the year and the month, not to mention the fact that there is a shit load of work to be done.

My boss, Veronica, gave me my first present of the day!!!  A beautiful bottle of perfume and a nice polka dot make up bag.  We then had a really nice lunch over at the Sandbelt Hotel in Moorabbin.  Veronica enjoyed the Atlantic Salmon while I had Thai Mussels (1kg of local black mussels stewed in a coconut, lime and coriander influenced stock served with crusty bread) and they were lush

Headed home still full from lunch I knew I was being taken out for dinner with the family and my mam.  We had chosen to go to Redwood Gardens Chinese and it was probably the nicest Chinese I have ever been to - and my mam thought the same.

I have to say I had a enjoyable day and felt very special xxx


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