Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Day 1 of 2013....

Welcome 2013..... hopefully a year that will be definitely better than last year.  Don't get me wrong there were good times, good happenings and lots of memories but it was also filled with some things that I would just rather forget!

So what has 2013 got in store for the Murray family so far..... Alexandria will be starting high school, Oliver is joining the V-Cal (Technical Stream) System of his education, Noel is now a full time employee and knows that his will be busy at work this year already and as for me, with the restructure of my department last year I too will be working long hours and I know that it will also involve a lot more travel.  The family I hope will continue to grow not only as individuals but as one.

Reflecting back on 2012 - so many things were missed along the business of the year.  I didn't blog enough (all my blogs), I didn't enjoy myself enough nor did I laugh enough.  I cried, I sooked and I focused on things that looking back were really not that important.....  So it's time to start all over again.

"Life is a book. every page is a new day,
every chapter is a new month,
every series is a new year."

Last night we celebrated the New Year at home with a few friends, some old and some new.  The Shotter's (Sarah's family) came over.  They are a lovely family and getting to know them last year has been enjoyable.  Sarah and Alex have become inseperable - best friends that's for sure. 

It was good to see Jamie especially happy within himself and the direction in which his life is moving.  He definitely deserves happiness after what he has endured these last few years with my so-called sister.  The boys were not with us last night but we will see them again soon as we now see them on a more regular basis.

We have celebrated the first day of the New Year in a relaxed fashion.  And as you can imagine it was an awesome way to start 2013.  When people finally woke this morning and YES we had bodies everywhere throughout the house a BIG breakfast was cooked and BIG it was.  Not to mention it went down a treat to everyone that was priveliged to be around the table.

Being such a beautiful day also, we decided to take a trip down to Mornington Pier for a walk around and get some fresh air.

It was quite busy on the beach, many in the water although this little black duck wasn't going anywhere near it.  I took some gorjus photos (not to brag but I am getting better with my camera).  It was great just to casually walk around, marvel at the weather and people watch - a hobby I enjoy nearly as much as cooking.

A view from Fisherman's Jetty

Mam enjoying the warmth.
Saw this ray swimming in the shallows near Fisherman's Jetty.


Alex and Sarah

The family walking along the pier.

Boys and their toys (in their dreams! LOL)

Happy New Year - may 2013 be perfect for you all in every imaginable way.....

Jo xx

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