Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday.... sleep in's, lunch with family, relaxing....

WOW I had a sleep in this morning - cannot remember the last time I did that.  My body just normally doesnt' allow it.  We woke, made a nice pot of brewed coffee and enjoyed the serenity of no football for the 3rd Sunday in a row (and I am still not used to it!!)

Lunch today was with the whole Murray family at the Lynbrook Hotel.  It was nice but to be honest I am so over all you can eat buffets - if you cannot control yourself it can be major problem for your belly and your well being for the rest of the day. 

It was good to see baby Charlie again especially how much she has grown and can see she has the Murray sweet tooth enjoying some chocolate icecream!

One nice thing is that all of Ann and Ged's 5 grandchildren were together and we managed to get a nice photo of them (after many attempts).

We will relax and potter for the rest of this Sunday afternoon getting ready for the kids being back at school tomorrow and of course we have to go to work!

Take care,

The Murray Family xx

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