Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (8th October - 14th October)

A full week together - this is an interesting thought... hehehe!!

No travel planned for any of us so I guess we can say that it's back to normal in the House of Murray this week.  The kids are back at school, Noel and I are working so we all have a busy week ahead.
On this week's menu is:

Saturday ~ Lamb with Minted Spring Vegetables
Sunday ~ Toasted Sandwiches
Monday ~ Beef and Spinach Cannelloni and salad
Tue ~ Chicken and Vegetable Casserole with Mashed Potatoes
Wed ~ Sweet and Spicy Beef Noodles
Thu ~ Caribbean Style Pork Cutlets with Rice Salad
Fri ~ BBQ at Mam and Dad Murray's
As you have probably gathered by now, I LIVE for menu planning! By menu planning it ensures that we have a weeks worth of meals organised which is especially useful Monday through Friday when there is not much of the day left after finishing work, picking up the kids from school and having to deal with the tasks of homework, clothes washing, showers, etc., and to do without the hassle of worrying WHAT we are cooking for dinner each night. Honestly if I left deciding what’s for dinner until I go home we wouldn’t eat until midnight!!

I know that our week starts on a Saturday but that’s just for the ease of fitting in with my grocery shopping which is normally done on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. As usual more great menu ideas can be found at Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organising Junkie, don’t be shy pop over and have a look at other’s menu plans. You never know you may just find something different to have for dinner.

Some recipes for things we cook can be found over at our cooking blog, A Dash Of Flavour, normally posted after they have been cooked or just click on the links for each meal when they appear.

Happy cooking,

Jo xx


Wonder Woman I'm Not said...

The beef and spinach cannelloni sounds yummy. I'll have to give that a go sometime soon. We've been trying to cook more so I've told my husband that we need to branch out a try more things!

Jo said...

It was yummy....

If you click on the link it will take you to my other blog which of course is a cooking blog A Dash of Flavour.

I make it my mission to try lots of different things. The kids complain that they don't have their favourite foods very often... lol but at least they know what a lot of things taste like. It's funny to watch them order at a restaurant because they read the menu and know what they want generally not normal kid stuff either....

Thanks for dropping in!



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