Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Alexandria

Today is our little princess Alexandria Elizabeth's 9th birthday and she was up early, bright eyed ready to celebrate I think. As dad was already at work, it was only a small present this morning (of clothes which she liked) to get her through the day.

Plus there was two presents on top of the rabbit and guinea pig hutch wishing Alex a great birthday from Pumpkin and Rocket.. she was excited by this. A pair of shoes and a heart shaped pink calculator!!

For her class today instead of taking in a cake which just might not have made it to school on the bicyle in one piece we bought iced donuts for the kids to share and help Alex celebrate at school.

Tonight we have all the family coming over for dinner. As it's Alex's birthday she has chosen the menu... Shepherd's Pie, Crusty Bread and of course, Birthday cake. I offered to bake her a cake but she insisted on buying on from the Cheesecake shop which we will do after work.. I bet it's going to be mega chocolately! Oh well it's her birthday and you are only 9 once!!

Have a wonderful birthday sweetheart
We love you so much.....

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