Monday, February 01, 2010

Two New Schools....

Okay so you know that this post is going to be a brag.... yep a brag about my kids and their first day at new schools.

Oliver is starting year 7 at high school. He is going to McClelland College which is in Karingal and not very farm from home. He is very much looking forward to it although I think underneath the very positive exterior he was a little nervous. Didn't want any more photo's taken and wouldn't even let me give him a kiss goodbye at school!!

Alex is in grade 4 but changed schools and now she is in the primary school which is next to the high school. She was very nervous this morning and wasn't ashamed to tell me. But when we finally got to school and settled in she seemed okay walking into her class especially as one of the girls that she had gone to creche with (many moons ago) was in her class and remembered Alex!!

Me - well I was happy that the first day seemed to go well - not too happy about the fact that my baby boy has grown up and is well on his way to being a teenager.....
Here are some more photos - these were taken on my mobile so they are not as clear as the others.

Now to see how they survive the rest of the year....

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