Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day two of the new job....

It's nearly the end of my second day in my new role of Southern Region Trainer and Assessor - Concrete Division... yep I know what you are thinking - what a mouthful!!

So far so good.... I think!

Thankfully I knew a few of the people who are based at the Clarinda Laboratory, in South Oakleigh so I felt comfortable and relax when I started yesterday. I still had a few to meet but at least I did know someone beforehand, if you know what I mean?

My office isn't very special at the moment but it's heap less dustier than mine at the quarry. I don't think anything can beat the dustiness of a quarry not even my mantlepeice at home... LOL!! By the end of the week I will be moving into another office which is going to be vacated on Friday. Needless to say I haven't unpacked all my boxes and got to comfortable!

However my head is boggled and I do have a huge task ahead of myself. The new role of Training and Assessing is based in Victoria and Tasmania and has brought more responsibility, more training and yes it will involve more travel. The travel part of it doesn't bother me, neither does the responsibility nor the training. I am worried that I will not succeed and reach the standard that will be expected. I am panicing and to be honest, management haven't even set a level of standard or told me what their expectations are.

Little by little my job is changing with each conversation I have. It started off a training Concrete personnel about using the computer and our computer accounting software, SAP. Then it was mentioned how they would like me to get the Concrete division's training inline with the advanced Quarry division. Yesterday I was told that upper management have decided to review all managerial personnel and assess their skills in using SAP. Needless to say the Regional General Manager doesn't want to look like a goose so apparantly he will be my first student.... tell me I am not shitting myself now!!

I think there may be quite a few panadol's swallowed in the next few weeks.....


Trish said...

Hey Jo

I am sure you will be great and remember, you know more than them. Set their PIDs, favourites up in the menu, so they just have to point and click and you will be an instant hero


Jo said...

Love the way you think Trish... normally I do some thing helpful like that - definitely gets them onside for further training!!


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