Saturday, July 12, 2008

We officially have a new address!

Well the last few weeks we have all been consumed with finding a new place to live. As of last night we officially have moved into our new rental abode (cross fingers the owners don't sell this one!!) and no longer have an attachment to the last house!! I must say I think we were all relieved last night when we sat down with only one house to our name! Now all we have to do is unpack, organise and settle!! Oh the joys of moving.

The kids think it has been such an adventure - a new bedroom, a new house, a new garden to explore and are already asking if they can change schools as we have actually moved quite close to another primary school. Not sure on that idea but will make the effort to investigate the closer school! Who knows - maybe the kids could do with a change also!

I am actually looking forward to finishing the move. Although this next stage of unpacking, sorting and organising will take awhile I cannot wait to have a "welcome to our new house" get together with our friends. The new house has a fantastic outdoor area and I know we will get many hours of enjoyment out of it.

A bit shout out to our friends, Julien, Deb, Lenny and Dave who help us move... great effort guys! Noel and I know we have hoarded to much $hit over the years and really appreciated your help over the last few days.... we really owe it to you all!!!

Must fly - still lots to do.......aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

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