Monday, May 12, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun????

They say “time flies when you are having fun” but I am of the belief that time just flies by regardless. Well at least that is what I am finding!

Since Christmas, yes you read correctly, since Christmas so much has happened. In fact I am in awe that it is May know and I am actually attempting to update this blog. It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas but the fact that I am feeling older and exhausted only confirms that there have been many days since my last entry.

In a nutshell lots of things have happened.

Firstly we survived Christmas and New Year, which is always a good thing. My Mam stayed in Queensland this year as my sister and her brood went to visit her. I am glad they made the effort but saddened that I was so far away from my mam. Saying that our house was full with all of Noel’s family and also had the pleasure of Sharon and Tom’s company. The whole festive season went off without a hitch last year. It is a wonderful time, a time of sharing and giving, a time that I thoroughly enjoy and even though it can be stressful I honestly look forward to it every year.

School holidays were also conquered as was the beginning of a new school year with one child in grade 5 and the other settling in grade 2. Both seem to be enjoying there new year levels and for Oliver he is attempting the challenges set by being in a higher level some with hesitation and some with no willing to attempt but I must say we are “getting there”. Alex, who has the same teacher again this year, just felt as if nothing had changed and got on with the task at hand!

Birthdays have been had by all of us. Mine was celebrated at the Balnarring Races and were both the kids this year. Alex had a party at home and Oliver had a couple of friends over. My heart went out for Oliver as his birthday fell right in the middle of school holiday’s and brought memories back to me about how I felt that my birthday party was never full of my friends only relatives and some family friends who were mostly my parent’s friends as I was born in early January. Our house was full for Noel’s birthday followed by a lunch at our favourite Chinese Restaurant with the family.

Alex broke a bone in her foot, tripping over at a shopping centre in the carpark. She spent 6 weeks in plaster. This has since been removed and the poor little chickadee is returning to normality as far as walking, running, etc., is concerned. That was definitely an interesting 6 weeks and the recovery process has been a concern at times especially when you have a 7 year old milking the situation. She was hobbling and saying that she couldn’t walk, really playing on it one day. She went into her bedroom, put on her music and started dancing!! Yes, dancing. When realising that she was caught out she immediately returned to hobbling as if Noel hadn’t seen a thing. The good news is that we had a second x-ray done and the doctor was quite happy with her progress.

Mam came down for a visit over Easter – we were meant to go camping but with Alex breaking her foot it somewhat changed the plans of the whole family. Whilst here she stayed with us a lot this time and was a blessing helping look after the kids whilst Noel and I both worked. Sadly one day while she was babysitting, she has a very mini heart attack, which scared the life out of me, lead to Mam spending a night in hospital for observation and for one moment the situation actually brought me and my sister a little closer. The feeling unfortunately hasn’t lasted with my sister’s car being written off by a falling tree in the hospital car park, Mam returning back to Queensland and my life returning to some form of normality. (If you read this Mam – I just want to let you know that I love you and I am thinking about you every day. MWAH!!!)

Sunday football has also commenced although my role as treasurer for the Junior Football Club started way before the season kick off. I am enjoying it but must say it is rather time consuming. I am sure that next year will be a lot easier as I will know what I have learnt so far and what I wasn’t told about or prepared for! Noel is also the Under 10’s team manager, which is giving him some focus and I am sure Oliver is really proud of him – I know that I am. Oliver is playing okay and I know in my heart that when he is ready he will shine.

Auskick is up and running under the firm hand of the new co-ordintor, Sharon. I have been helping her as we are trying to affliate the Auskick with the Junior Club but more importantly because she is my closest friend. She is doing an absolutely fantastic job and has increased the numbers significantly from last year. I am sure the whole club with join me in saying “well done” for her efforts to date. Plus I think that she is totally enjoying the challenge. Needless to say Alex is easing herself back into playing football!

So needless to say the last few months haven’t been boring! Who knows what tomorrow will bring???

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