Saturday, November 18, 2006

Time flies when you're having fun.....

Cannot believe it has been nearly another month since I last sat down and posted. Wow where does all the time go?

For me, it is working full time, spending as much of my spare time with the kids and doing the occassion bit of house work, shopping, cooking, etc, etc. I am sure everyone knows where I am coming from.

Work at the moment is very busy with a new manager on site, training off site up in the country quarries and with the warmer weather approaching more work is being done so the trucks and the weighbridge are getting busier. I made a few trips to Carisbrook, near Bendigo, for training where I stayed a few nights. I have a few more similar trips in the pipeline prior to Christmas so I will well and truely need a New Years Break.

The kids are getting excited with the fact that Christmas is coming... not long now. I still get amazed every year at how early the Christmas decorations are put out in the shops. You nearly spend half the year looking at Christmas stuff and then celebrate it for just one day!!

Alex lost her first tooth on Melbourne Cup Day and was pleased when the tooth fairy left $10 in exchange for her little tooth. She looks really cute without her tooth and I think she is wobbling every other tooth now.

We all went to the Melbourne city a couple of weekends ago when Noel's sister Clare and her boyfriend came down from Sydney. It was great to see Clare again and to meet Ray for the first time - hopefully as a family we didn't scare him too much. The day was spent at AFL Hall of Fame, a really great place to go even if you are not a mad footy supporter. It is a musuem as well as an interactive environment, similar to Scienceworks, and it kept both the adults and the kids interest all day.

Claire, my sister, is due to have her 4th child on 14th December. I wish my relationship with her was better but I need to remember that it is a two way street. There is no closeness that I feel sisters should have which upsets me and I know it upsets my Mam. I have to be honest and say that I have given up ringing in hope of normality and actually being like sisters as my calls often go unanswered and not returned. Just when I think all is lost she rings me out of the blue. It made my day to actually think she was thinking of me. I appreciated the fact that for once she has made an effort. That was last Tuesday - suspiciously I am going to wait to see how long it takes for the next phonecall to happen. I hate myself for thinking like this!

Mam is due to arrive in Melbourne soon. She flies in on the 12th December and I am really looking forward to seeing her again. My uncle Griff and his partner Julie will be with her as they are coming out from Wales for a holiday. I haven't seen Griff since I was 18 which is 17 years ago now. Needless to say I think this Christmas will be really good with both families and the added overseas relations.

Well as you can see we have been busy and I am sure it won't slow down this side of Christmas..... oh well!!

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