Sunday, January 22, 2006

What - the temp is going to be 43 today???

Wow well we are up and it is already starting to feel hot. The curtains are all closed over and the fan is oscalating around the loungeroon with the air con blasting out cool air in the kitchen/family room. I am over it already!! Let's give a huge cheer for spasmotic Melbourne weather!!

Yesterday was hot also and I think it might have actually reached 40 degs also. We all went out for dinner as a family last night to the Waltzing Matilda. As a family we agreed that the airconditioning there was absolutely crap and the meals weren't that better either. Will be writing them a letter as management should be made aware not just the staff on the night who were spoken to!

Mam goes home on Tuesday which is sad but I think after being here since mid December she needs to go back for the rest and relaxation. Having five grandchildren is quite hectic for her but she enjoys being with them every minute.

Off now to find something to do in this heat! Might go and sit in the freezer aisle of the supermarket!!!


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