Wednesday, January 04, 2006

4 days into 2006

Wow so far the first four days have gone past soooo fast. With working at Lysterfield and starting at 6am I have already started to feel tired and worn out.

I will be turning 35 in 4 days time.... another birthday. I suppose 1 day a year isn't too bad to have all focussed on me!! We have planned to go to the Balnarring Picnic Races for the day. Should be a different day and it beats sitting at home or in some pub somewhere. So we shall all take a plate of food to make an interesting picnic of sorts and some wine. Who knows we may even have a win on the nags!

Better fly as I am absolutely shattered today. I have already fallen asleep on the couch and would probably still be there if the phone hadn't rang!!

Good night


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