Monday, April 23, 2012

The return of Sunday football 2012

Today saw the start of the 2012 season for Junior Football.

Alex is playing in Under 11's and has the same coach, Kevin, again this year which she is happy about as am I. It's this team's first year of tackling (the last 2 years they have only been able to bump) so there were a few teething problems.

Oliver, after receiving a permit to play down from the league, is playing in Under 13's blue division with Russell as his coach.  He played full back which Russell was impressed with but it's not a position that Ollie wants to stay in.

Although both teams lost their Round 1 games - all played well and I think all were excited to be kicking the leather around again. A great evening up the club rooms - quite a lot turned up.  Oliver got an award for playing well which was a proud moment for Noel and I.

GO BULLS 2012!!

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