Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another busy weekend....

Nothing seems to be at a relaxed pace at the moment. Maybe it's because it is nearly half way through the year, winter is definitely upon us with the cold mornings, the darkness creeping in early and of course there is the rain.

My posting is becoming eratic due to this busy period and it's upsetting me that I am not sharing things with you all as they are happening. Saying that here is a round up of what we have been doing.

Last Friday night Alex had her friend Rhiannon come over for a sleepover... this meant that the girls were going to be taking over the house, giggling, sleeping in the loungeroom, etc and this provided Ollie with the perfect excuse to take off to his mates house again. Noel also followed lead and went to watch the football over at Dave's leaving me to have a girls night in with a couple of 9 year olds!!

And of course there was a pillow fight....

Saturday came and went just as quick with the usual cleaning, washing, etc along with picking up one child and dropping another home. A nice dinner followed by an early start Sunday morning for the kid's football. Thankfully both teams played at home so it was a short journey this week.

There was drizzle during Alex's game and she played really well, as usual giving 100% effort showing she really enjoys playing the sport. Oliver's game was a good game to watch. He is really started to find himself within the team and he managed to kick a point this week. The oval was very muddy after 3 other teams played on it - can you tell?

Unfortunately they were beaten by Chelsea and the boys were disappointed. Although they lost to Chelsea the last time they faced each other, the result this time wasn't as bad showing signs that our boys have improved.

I have spent the last two days driving to Kilmore for work... 2 hour each way and through the city traffic. But it was a productive 2 days which is the main thing but I am very tired as I really don't like driving. That's funny considering driving is a huge component of my job!! LOL!!

Last night was brilliant. We went out for dinner at the Chelsea Heights Hotel with Kelee, Rohan, Kyhal and Gemma, Roger was over from Perth, Marg (Kelee's mam) and another friend Carol. OMG I haven't seen Marg since Scott's funeral and then it wasn't a social visit if you understand what I mean? And Carol well I am still struggling trying to think when the last time we saw each was. I think it must have been nearly 20 years ago. What a blast - I am sure a great night was had by one and all!! Marg looked great and I have promised her that we will all catch up again when Mam comes down from Qld at the end of July.

Definitely early to bed tonight!!

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